Wedding Ceremonies

We can provide any or all of the music for your wedding ceremony.

We have extensive experience with music from many religious traditions. We also provide inspiring and up-lifting music for non-religious ceremonies. The addition of Lyrica’s solo musicians, vocalist or small ensemble will help create the right mood in any setting to make your day unforgettable.

We will help you choose the right sounds to create all the moods appropriate to your day; some moments are quiet and meditative, some moments are upbeat and joyful, some are grand and elegant.

We will also integrate Lyrica’s music with services provided by musicians from your church or synagogue, or with songs performed by your family and friends. If musicians from your church or synagogue are part of the wedding, Lyrica musicians will coordinate closely with them. If a friend or relative wishes to sing a solo at your wedding, Lyrica can accompany him or her.

For a Jewish wedding, we have created special musical arrangements — unique to Lyrica — of songs from the Jewish tradition. It is also appropriate to play elegant classical music and other songs of your choice at a Jewish wedding. We are a preferred ensemble for several rabbis in Greater Cincinnati.

For a wedding Mass in a Roman Catholic church, we will work in cooperation with the priest or the parish music director. We can provide the perfect music for the prelude (while your guests are arriving), processional (when the bridal party comes down the aisle), special meditations during the ceremony (for example, a candle ceremony), and recessional (when the bridal party walks out).

If you wish, we can also provide the vocalist and instrumental music for the liturgy. (This refers to the music which is done at every Mass, not just a wedding Mass.) Or, if the liturgy will be lead by a musician on staff at the church, we will work closely with that professional to coordinate your wedding music.

When you are choosing the musicians for your ceremony, Lyrica can offer expert guidance. We will take into account the type of ceremony you're dreaming of, the musical sounds that appeal to you most, your wedding site and your budget.


Wedding Receptions

Perhaps your reception calls for cool jazz, soothing and joyful classical music, or a dance band. Talk with us about the type of reception you are planning, and we will help you create the right musical mood.

You might consider one type of music for cocktails, and another for dinner. Or you might choose one ensemble that plays a variety of music and works perfectly for the entire reception. Package pricing is available when you hire Lyrica musicians for both the wedding ceremony and reception.

To learn about our solo instruments, vocalists, bands and small ensembles, go the the ensembles page ensembles page

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